Becoming a Partner of the American Vision University

Enjoy a range of benefits

Collaboration helps provide opportunities for students, research and business development that no one institution can provide alone

Forming a collaborative academic partnership with American Vision University allows your institution to enjoy a range of benefits for both its staff and students. We are committed to investing in building connections with internal and external stakeholders, strengthening our relationships with partners, and working towards our shared goals.
We work with higher education (HE) partners (colleges, commercial, non-profit and specialist organisations) in the USA and internationally who share our ambitions, values and aspirations. Our vision of collaboration is a two-way process providing mutual support to enhance opportunities for students, research and/or business development.
We don't require an exclusive relationship to become a partner institution. We believe that partnership arrangements should reflect the shared and unique mission, situation and strategic direction of both institutions. Academic Partnerships works to ensure that both the University and partner institutions gain an acceptable return on investment on collaborative work - which allows for high quality delivery and on-going investment.

How To Become a Partner

Prospective partners can make an initial inquiry to begin discussing any future partnership opportunities.
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