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High-Impact Learning for Organizations

In a rapidly changing world, successful and competitive organizations are being required to operate at peak levels of efficiency. Be prepared with a workplace that is poised and ready to move swiftly as market demands change.

Whether your need is to provide a high-quality credit education to your employees, or customize training to improve organizational performance, partnering with us will give you an advantage. We have experienced and industry tested instructors.

Programs range from half-day seminars to full-term courses, and are available at your location, at our campuse, or online. We also offer corporate discounts on open-enrollment courses, and can help support your organization's tuition reimbursement program.

Corporate Training Options

Let us design a specific program to resolve your business challenges.
Employee advancement and learning opportunities are essential to the growth and success of your company. We deliver educational experiences that help individuals, teams, and organizations transition to a place of greater business potential and performance.

Our professionals from The School of Professional and Continuing Education will work with you and your team to understand your strategic objectives and help to create relevant, practical solutions for professional development and customized staff training.

  • Flexible delivery and times, at your location, ours or online.
  • Customized training topics tailored to your organization
  • Expert instruction facilitated by industry professionals
  • Dedicated customer support and program management
We can customize training topics to fit your particular needs including:
  • Leadership and Team Development Programs
  • Performance Management
  • Credentialing Programs
  • Credit Certificates
  • Lean and Six Sigma
A well-trained workforce can directly affect your organization's bottom line and return on investment. American Vision University is committed to providing the finest training and educational services in Southern California. We offer professional development and credential programs either on-site at your company's location or online.
A performance management program for experienced managers.
Effective leadership is more than just knowing fundamental concepts of management. It's about successfully applying those concepts in the workplace, with the employees being supervised. The Functional Manager program, through a series of experiential workshop sessions, allows participants to explore and practice key areas of management. These areas build on an educational experience designed to develop competencies beyond the typical supervisory skill set. After completing the program, participants should be able to apply new management knowledge to current industry challenges, in addition to issues such as "doing more with less" and "sharing best practices."

Participants in the Functional Manager Program will learn to:
  • Lead change in an organization
  • Develop and lead teams
  • Manage time and priorities more effectively
  • Help employees grow
  • Manage a diverse workforce
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts
Strengthen and enhance the performance of your leadership team.
The Leadership Development Series at American Vision University provides training and development for every level of your management team. The series of classes offered will develop and enhance your team’s leadership skills and help to meet career and organizational objectives. The program provides a solid foundation for current managers or those looking to enter leadership positions in the future.

The leadership program build on existing skills and experience and help leaders to apply those skills to workplace situations. Each program hits core competencies for success, and we can customize the program to meet your specific needs.

Build fundamental skills at all level of your organization. 
Some workplace issues can affect employees in any or multiple levels of the organization, from the frontline staff to the executive level. American Vision University has used a framework of short professional courses to help address a variety of training needs for personal professional development. The courses cover four core areas that can be customized to meet your organizations unique challenges and can be delivered to employees on-site or online.

Participants in the Organization-Wide Training Program will learn to:
  • Personal Mastery    
  • Managing Processes
  • Managing Relationships
  • Leadership
A leadership competency series for new and upcoming supervisors.
Supervision Essentials is a comprehensive non-credit certificate program geared to new and upcoming supervisors who want to keep their knowledge and skills consistent with-or a step ahead of the demands of the workplace. The program focuses on developing practical skills in key areas related to successfully supervising and leading today's employees. It provides an excellent opportunity for new supervisors and those looking to move into supervisory positions to move beyond the basics to a more advanced understanding of supervisory skills and competencies. The flexibility of the program allows customization by selecting from areas that are more relevant to your work environment.

Participants in the Supervision Essentials Certificate Program will learn:
  • Fundamental concepts of supervising with confidence
  • How to build working relationships that get results
  • How to communicate effectively with employees
  • Manage time and priorities more efficiently
  • Inspire better performance from employees
  • How to solve conflicts with poise and control

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96% of participants said SPCE Online courses were more impactful than other courses


Online courses with flexible program structures
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Worth the Investment

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Outstanding Faculty

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Grounded in Real Examples

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