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Welcome to University Library Services!

The Library provides the higher level reading resources and academic study skills you need to succeed at University.  

Because higher level reading is at the heart of your learning, the University library is different to other libraries you may have used before. We have resources tailored to your program of study which will enable you to read widely and use a range of resources including books, eBooks, journals and more.

We are here to support you throughout your studies. Please let us know if you need extra support. Once you start working on your assignments you may find you have specific questions. If so, you can contact us at

Online Resources

We provide access to a wealth of electronic resources. These include databases, journals and e-books. Access to these resources has been bought by the Library through subscription and is limited to current staff and students.

Upon registration students are provided access to the learning platforms utilized for instruction. Students, upon registration, will receive a username and password for access to any one or a number of databases suitable for AVU programs. Student access will be 24/7.

AVU has partnered with the leading educational and resource provider services to guarantee the outmost quality and most comprehensive education offered in the online learning environment.

AVU students will benefit from our partnership with L.I.R.N,. The LIRN® virtual library provides students with millions of peer-reviewed and full-text journal, magazine, and newspaper articles, e-books, podcasts, audio, and video resources to support their academic studies.

Finding Information

We provide access to a wealth of electronic resources. These include databases, journals and e-books.


You have access to several copyright resources through online resources and your use is governed by copyright law and licensing regulations and by additional terms and conditions set by the copyright owners or their agents. You must ensure that your use complies. Use of resources is for your personal educational use only.

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