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A curated selection of the latest news and analysis from across our campus and beyond provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the most important developments and trends in various fields.
25 May 2023
There is nothing more rewarding than achieving great success after years of hard work. At AVU (American Vision University), we are committed to preparing our students for rewarding careers based on the type of industry or profession that they pr...
07 February 2023
Our institution can prepare you for rewarding careers in a variety of industries and professions. With the goal of preparing the future generation of business executives and professionals, our MBA program assists in opening doors to opportunities at ...
18 January 2023
When building a successful business, every aspect screams for your attention. So why exactly should you prioritize customer service? What role does it play? Customer service serves as the face of a company. It is the first point of contact for custom...

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