Great Tools to Gain a Quick Business Traction


It's probably one of the questions you have asked yourself multiple times - how do I get and maintain traction for my business? Currently, the most critical aspect of starting any business is traction. How will you get and maintain your traction in the industry?

Sadly, getting traction is tricky, especially during your early days in business. Honestly, you can't wake up today and buy growth, then gain traction tomorrow - it's a process. In this post, we'll walk you through great tools used by MBA leaders that will help you gain and maintain traction for your business. Let's dive in. 

The Latest Growth Hacks to Increase Your Reach

 It doesn't matter what kind of business you are starting - whether e-commerce or a startup, there's a goal you always want to achieve. Getting traction and making more sales, right?

And like other things, gaining traction for a new business may look easier, but the truth is that there's no magic you can do to gain traction and make more sales overnight. However, there are proven ways you can "hack" your traction and make more sales in your business, and I must confirm that they are not as simple as you think, but they aren't painfully complicated either.

These proven ways need time investment, then finally scale your business to the level you want and start making more sales once you gain traction.

 1. Do More Brand Partnerships

A ton of brands now know that co-marketing and brand partnerships are some of the best growth hacking tactics in the business world, and they are now leveraging on this hack more than before. Forming new brand partnerships will not only create a buzz but also appreciate your efforts with a ton of referral traffic to your website. It presents you with an opportunity to gain traction in your business and join the "big leagues." 

The best of all, is that creating brand partnerships has now been proven to work in businesses. Take, for example, Flipboard, a news app and Airbnb, an accommodation app that has partnered together to leverage each other's strengths. Now, Flipboard helps Airbnb with content that's tailored to Airbnb users to help them make informed decisions when seeking accommodations. On the other hand, these users on Airbnb leave comments and reviews that Flipboard aggregates for their audience. 


2. Host and Attend Community Events and Forums 

Hosting and attending community events and forums helps you acquire the right tools and insights to manage your business better, and gain more traction quicker. So go ahead and start hosting and attending events that could help you better manage your business. Doing this will help you learn from some of the most successful people in the industry and expose your business to the right audience. 

3. Significant Opportunities on Adjacent Markets 

There are significant opportunities for adjacent markets. This hack is usually confused with "white space opportunity," but adjacent markets, in this case, means markets that are close to what you do.

The number one secret you need to know about this business traction tool is that you don't need to export your products and services, but to export your capabilities and skills. In other words, you need to leverage your key competencies and create value for your customers.

But before you consider doing this, you need to consider some factors like knowing who your competitors are, is the opportunity big enough? Are there any barriers that could halt your business traction plans?

Latest Business Marketing Strategies 

1. Leverage on social media  

Let's agree on one thing: you can't ignore the power of social media. Social media has been the reason behind most businesses' success, and it continues to thrive.

If you feel like you have no social media management skills, there are freelances who will make the task less stressful for you. Also, you can leverage some social media functionalities like direct messaging on platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram to communicate with potential buyers. 

 2. Connect with influencers

Now, this is an extension of a social media business traction hack. Your main aim here is to increase your visibility and build your audience on social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, among others.

But what should you do if that's your aim? Look for influencers within your industry and connect with them. Influencers already have a say and they influence decisions in the industry. Connecting with them means that you'll get noticed faster than if you tried gaining traction on your own. 

3. Leverage on LinkedIn 

Do you have a video on your LinkedIn profile? Did you know that you can easily add one? Why not take the time to introduce yourself and your business. Link that to your profile description. This is an easy way to market your business passively, and when it's done right, it can lead to shocking results.

I'm just surprised why most business owners have never realized that LinkedIn is the future business social platform. Why don't you take some time to create a video on your LinkedIn profile to introduce yourself?

Sure, there's an option to add a video on LinkedIn - a functionality that most business owners haven't noticed. Create a video and link it to your LinkedIn profile description. At least introducing yourself to people will enhance the personal connection with your target audience.

Expert Tip: Get an MBA Degree 

An MBA degree is a graduate degree that offers students theoretical, as well as the practical training for managing businesses and investments. Also, an MBA is meant to help graduates better understand how to manage their businesses.

To understand the general management functions, and purposely, to know how you can keep your business running, you'll need to go for an MBA degree to equip you with the necessary skills required to run a business.

If you opt to take an MBA program, you'll be required to complete thirty-six credits in different skills such as managerial accounting, communication, strategic management, among others. 

In Conclusion 

Like many other fields, managing a business is becoming more stressful than ever. You need to up your game if you must survive in the industry. The tips above have been proven to work, and it's upon you to look into them and implement those hacks that can help you gain traction for your business.

Best of all is that you can acquire an MBA degree program to help you get the necessary skills required for managing your business. 

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