The Role of Customer Service in Building a Successful Business


When building a successful business, every aspect screams for your attention. So why exactly should you prioritize customer service? What role does it play?

Customer service serves as the face of a company. It is the first point of contact for customers, and what typically helps them determine whether your business is worth coming back to.

Everyone knows that customer service is important but there are some who may not understand the need to make it a priority. This article will give you reasons why you should prioritize customer service and what the keys are to creating a successful customer service operation.

Reasons To Prioritize Customer Service 

Here are the reasons why it's important to prioritize customer service in your business:

1.Good customer service increases revenue.

Every business decision is dictated by how much money it can bring to the company. Profitability is the measurement of a company's success or failure, which is why customer service is important. When customers feel cared for and appreciated, they are more likely to spend on your product or service, increasing the rate of revenue.

2.Customer satisfaction drives retention.

Being able to keep your current customers happy leads to a much more stable revenue and more accurate forecasts. If you want to set a solid foundation for your company, then it's important to learn how to not just attract new customers but to retain them as well. Majority of consumers do not hesitate to stick with a company that has good customer service.

3.Better customer service improves customer lifetime value.

Customer lifetime value is the amount of money that a customer can bring to a business over the course of their patronage, which means this correlate directly with revenue. Better customer service encourages high engagement from your customers such as reading your emails and following you on social media, which then results in more dollars spent by the customer.

4.Improved customer sentiment strengthens company culture.

Creating a culture of serving people affects not just your customers but can extend to your employees as well. Employees from different departments or with different roles start to feel more collaborative toward each other. You end up creating a culture of helpfulness which increases productivity and helps both employee and customer sentiment thrive.

5.More customer advocates lessen marketing costs.

The thing about satisfied customers is that they will do the marketing for you. Word-of-mouth is always an effective tool that you should take advantage of. With every loyal customer, you're able to save money and time. Not only do they spend more, but they're also able to bring in new customers to your business.

Keys To Delivering Great Customer Service 

Here are the different ways you can ensure a successful customer service operation:

1. Know your product

Spending all day troubleshooting for customers means that you need to be an expert on your product. This is a critical customer service skill. You should trust your product, be able to discuss its features and provide insight to the customer and show them they'll be able to benefit from your product. Not to mention, troubleshooting anything that isn't working as it should.

2. Always meet customer needs

It's important to make problem-solving a central part of your support role. Don't hesitate to wow your customers as you figure out solutions to their problems. It could be easy to fix their issues and leave it at that but going above and beyond to meet their needs will create customers that are loyal to your business.

3. Deliver on your promises

This is common sense but still needs to be emphasized regardless. If you promise something to your customer, then you should make sure to make good on that promise. Don't let your customers down. When you keep your word, you are protecting the respect and trust they have for your company. In case you do end up breaking your word, offer something to make up for it such as a refund for their trouble. You might lose some petty cash but you'll end up gaining one more loyal customer.

4. Keep a positive attitude

A positive attitude goes a long way in delivering great customer service. The right attitude can turn a negative experience into a positive one. Since most interactions with customers are not done face-to-face, you need to make sure your language and the tone of your words reflects your positive attitude. Don't be afraid to use emojis to convey lightheartedness or call them when you notice a chat conversation starts becoming tense.

5. Be responsive

Time is critical in any online customer experience. To deliver good customer service, you need to be able to resolve customer queries quickly and efficiently. Speed is of the essence, especially for issues that shouldn't take much time to solve. Although it's important to solve customer problems quickly, it's more important to get to your customers as soon as possible. Most customers are wiling to wait until their issue is resolved but no one wants to spend hours waiting in a ticket queue.

6. Learn customer service etiquette 

Customer service etiquette is a set of guidelines and best practices for interacting with customers in a professional and courteous manner. It includes things such as being polite, understanding customer needs, and providing helpful and accurate information. An MBA program can provide a solid foundation in business principles and management skills that can be applied to customer service. Additionally, many MBA programs offer courses specifically focused on customer service and relationship management, which can provide a more in-depth understanding of the nuances of customer service etiquette. Ultimately, learning customer service etiquette is a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and real-world experience.

In Conclusion

When you pursue a Master of Business Degree Administration online, this is one of the first few things that you should know. Delivering excellent customer service can be easier said than done but enrolling in the right program will teach you all that you need to know to be able to accomplish it.


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