Certificate in Nutrition and Health

Expand Your Nutrition Skill Set.

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100% Online, 2 Week Course

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$990 (The course fee covers the e-certificate and notes.)


Participants will earn an American Vision University e-Certificate of Completion.


The Nutrition and Health course is approved by the Bureau for Private and Post-Secondary Education (BPPE).
Our professional short courses are designed to help you to develop your skills, as well as your intercultural awareness and international outlook. Courses are designed by industry experts, so you’ll walk away with new knowledge and skills that you can apply at work tomorrow.

About this course:

This 2-week online professional course will provide specialized knowledge to individuals within the nutritional/natural products field (retail, fitness or clinical setting) in order to enhance their knowledge and credibility. It is also well suited for those who seek to further their own personal knowledge in nutrition in order to help family and friends.

Approximately 7.5-10 study hours per week for a total of about 15-20 study hours.


This course is approved by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) - meaning the course meets or exceeds academic standards and globally recognized.
California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education

What you can learn.

  • Learn about the nutrient value.
  • Find out how can you boost the immune system and alleviate health conditions.
  • Learn about the relationship between free radicals and antioxidants.
  • Discover how to include in natural products your everyday diet.

Curriculum outline

Attending online class is easy, all you need is a reliable internet connection. You simply log into your classroom to complete assignments, access course materials and resources and interact with faculty and classmates.

Week #1

  • Introduction to Nutrition and Health
  • Food Choices: Nutrients and Nourishment
  • Nutrition Guidelines: Tools for a Healthful Diet

Week #2

  • The Human Body: From Food to Fuel
  • Carbohydrates: Simple Sugars and Complex Chains
  • Nutrition for Physical Performance

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Why Study Short Professional Courses

Higher salaries

Incorporating regular short courses into professional life is a great habit to develop, and will help to acquire the key skills that could accelerate your ascent up the salary scale.

Better promotion prospects

The more you equip yourself with the key skills your company requires, the more you become a necessary component of company success. Regular certificate courses continually improve your promotion prospects, and show employers your dedication to personal improvement.

Increased specialised and/or transferable skills

Skills in leadership and management, finance and accounting, law and ethics, and a range of alternative subject areas can give you advanced abilities applicable across a great many job positions.

Study at your own pace

One major advantage of distance learning is the course flexibility, a great advantage for people with a busy schedule. The opportunity to organise your work as you see fit lets you take your own time with the things that really interest you, or review things you’re still unsure of whenever you feel like it. There are a lot of extra resources right at your fingertips.

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