How to Reduce Healthcare Turnover?


Nowadays, increasing healthcare turnover rate is a major problem for many organizations. This is why they have to step up their game and stop the increase. But, how exactly can that be done? Find out here.

Strategies that Help to Reduce Healthcare Turnover 

Here are the ways to keep your competitive employees and reduce turnover:  

1. Improve Staff Engagement 

Factors like heavy workloads, exhausting overtime, tight unpredictable schedules, and no flexibility will, without a doubt, make a low employee engagement in the healthcare industry. Here are the following ways you can improve employee engagement instead:

  • Practice teamwork
  • Recognize and reward your high performing staff
  • Get employee feedback through surveys
  • Apply what you got from the survey as much as possible
  • Apply the changes as soon as possible

2. Teamwork in the Workplace 

It is vital to have teamwork among healthcare professionals in the workplace, as delivering communication skills can go a long way. Excellent communication among the employees will lead to lesser errors, faster conflict resolution, and a clearer understanding of everyone's separate tasks.

Each member of the team will have a better understanding of their assignments and roles. Teamwork also means management giving open communication to workers to hear out their concerns and discomfort, so you can solve them or meet them halfway as soon as possible. 

A Master of Science in Healthcare Administration will prepare you to innovate and problem-solve in healthcare. 

3. Competitive Compensation 

A good pay, most of the time, keeps the employees happy and will give them the job satisfaction they need. As the demand for healthcare professionals increases, employers also make sure they give competitive pay, performance bonuses, and other benefits that will give convenience to the employee. Employee turnover is most costly compared to giving your employees good compensation regularly.  

4. Give Your Employees Recognition and Rewards 

Recognition lunches and dinners, service awards, and time offs are some of the ways your employees will enjoy recognition. This will also show that management is grateful to have excellent healthcare workers and will drive engagement in the workplace. Letting your excellent employees know that you value them will also increase your employee retention rate.  

5. Education, Training, and Continuous Learning for Your Employees

Professional development and education will improve your employees' people and technical skills. These skills are crucial to delivering the best to the patients and ensuring that professionals will get more productive day by day.

How Leaders Can Address Health Workforce Shortage 

The following are some solutions worth considering that can help reduce healthcare turnover rates:  

1. Train More Professionals

One of the long-term solutions for the health workforce shortage is training more professionals for the field. This means giving students a chance for proper education and training and encouraging them to pursue a healthcare profession. Some countries now offer allied health programs with 4 years of undergraduate training. This also pertains to actively assigning graduates to clinics so they can practice their field as soon as possible.

2. Venture Into Newer Training Models  

New training models embrace 80 percent of clinically based education while the remaining 20 percent is for university training. Some parts of the world are offering degree apprenticeships to increase manpower supply.  

3. Quickly Upskill New Graduates and Practitioners 

One of the reasons for turnover is that workers are not upskilled enough to take on the role, making them uncomfortable with their job description. As per employers, graduates who are not trained enough are less valued in the workplace.

Students should address this to their education provider so they will get all the skills they need for the role. 

4. Hire Qualified Healthcare Workers Overseas

Some countries rely on trained practitioners from overseas, specifically Australia. Since COVID-19, leaders have had a hard time importing professionals into their countries.

Here are more of the challenges employers and leaders are facing right now worldwide when it comes to health worker shortage:

  • There will be more shortage for allied health workers since the UK also reduced its training programs.
  • There will be challenges in the ethics part when we depend on getting foreign workers, and it will be more challenging if they are from middle or third-world countries.
  • Some overseas employees might require or expect a higher salary since they are paid more in their countries.
  • It is costly and time-consuming to import foreign workers for employers. 

5. Provide High-Quality and Affordable Child-Care for Women Health Workers 

Many health workers work part-time because of their responsibilities at home. Helping them with their child responsibilities is a way to keep them at work in the regular hours needed by the employer.  

How a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration Can Train Leaders

The Master of Science in Healthcare Administration is a program that helps health workers obtain leadership skills that make them well-rounded in this business field. 

This online program allows even those with full-time jobs to conveniently upgrade their skills and learnings, which creates the perfect future healthcare leaders we need. This means that the more competitive skills they get, the more likely they will feel valued as their value increases, which reduces healthcare turnover.

Encourage your healthcare professionals to acquire new skills by enrolling in the Master of Science in Healthcare Administration online degree program now. 


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