Real-World Impact: How Our Graduate Program Has Helped Alumni Achieve Success


Our institution can prepare you for rewarding careers in a variety of industries and professions. With the goal of preparing the future generation of business executives and professionals, our MBA program assists in opening doors to opportunities at all levels of government agencies, private companies, consulting, marketing, and many other organizations.

Moreover, our online program helps professionals to acquire their degrees while balancing family, career, school, as well as all other responsibilities. Read firsthand stories of how our program has benefited our alumni in achieving success and learn where this degree could take you.

Ammar Takieldin, MBA alumni 

Ammar currently owns and manages an IT consulting firm. After earning his MBA, he learned that he was better able to run and build his consulting business as an IT advisor. Here's what he has to say about AVU online MBA program: 

Aside from improving my knowledge, I believe that obtaining this kind of degree will help me communicate more effectively with potential colleagues or clients. And, it has been proven to be true.

✨ An MBA gives me a particular level of strategic understanding of business operations, which really assists me in understanding the needs of my clients. As a result, I'm grateful to the program for providing me with a theoretical understanding of business.

The program has undoubtedly offered me valuable business skills. We had to change direction so many times, which I believe simulated what a true consulting effort would be like since the market, industries, and everything else can change very quickly, and it provided us the best sense of how such a project may look like.

I'm also impressed by the people I met during the program. It's really fantastic to have such a wide range of diverse talents inside our class, which has allowed me to learn how to interact with individuals from many walks of life.

Another important key skill I developed during the program was the ability to solve problematic issues in a highly systematic approach. Stumbling into a new situation, knowing nothing about it, and calmly taking a moment to recognize all of the possibilities are things that I face every day in my current job. Fortunately, I can now use that expertise every day.

I don't think I would be in my current position if I hadn't faced and studied various business situations during the MBA program. I was already an entrepreneur before joining the program, but my business concept was quite straightforward.

✨ Overall, the program has been a fantastic learning experience for me. I believe that the courses have broadened my thought process, which has reflected in my improved ability to look at difficulties in the workplace from many perspectives in order to overcome obstacles.

And learning online has been very useful to me! It is convenient for my career and life, and there is no commute needed. I find the sessions to be fairly engaging, so I don't feel like I'm losing out on anything by having to learn remotely.

All of the professors have been excellent; they partake in dialogues and conversations, which is really important to me. They all appear to be enthusiastic about our individual development.

I'm looking forward to incorporating more of what I'm learning into my work. It's safe to say that the MBA I received from American Vision University was critical to my development as a person and as a professional.

Ammar is not the only one who has found success after earning an MBA from our institution. Many of our students have an interesting narrative to tell about their path to their current professions.

We salute all of our graduates for their achievements and encourage you to follow their paths. 

Continue reading to learn about the perks of pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree online: 

  • Flexibility

Our online MBA program allows you to complete courses on your own timetable, whether in the daytime, at nighttime, or even on weekends. This flexibility ensures that you can continue to fulfill your current duties as a professional or working parent while also earning a quality education.

  • Accelerated career growth

Our online Master of Business Administration degree program provides the chance for rapid career growth. 

  • Affordability

We understand that affordability is a major factor in whether or not students pursue higher education. As a result, we offer this affordable option that allows you to enhance your understanding of business administration without creating a mountain of student loan debt.

For those interested in a career in business, our online MBA degree is often regarded as a worthwhile investment. Along with the opportunity to develop your career, there is the possibility of increased salary and work prospects. Furthermore, employers are eager to acquire MBA graduates due to their advanced expertise, so having that degree on your resume will make you more attractive during the hiring process. 


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