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30 Nov, 2022
Demand for virtual mental health care is soaring: How do we meet demand?

Demand for virtual mental health care is soaring: How do we meet demand?


The AVU Webinar Series returns with world-class speakers exploring the many challenges we face in the business world. The Series is free and open for all.

Demand for mental health care has risen dramatically during the pandemic, but there are now more patients seeking these services than organizations have the bandwidth to provide. How to scale mental health care to meet increased demand?

Join us on Wednesday, November 30, 2022, at 10 am (Pacific Time) for a one-hour live free webinar to learn about the future of virtual mental health care services.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Telehealth adoption post-COVID-19
  • Latest industry trends
  • Innovation in Healthcare


Reservation is required. Friday, November 25, 2022. Everyone is welcome!

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Meet the Expert

Elizabeth Brooks, PhD

Dr. Brooks, PhD, is the owner of Whole Health Innovation, an LLC dedicated to ensuring the provision of timely, equitable, and high-quality care. Dr. Brooks brings 15+ years of experience as a director for public health and behavioral health programs through positions in regulatory, state government, university, and non-profit settings. Dr. Brooks previously served as the Director of Data & Evaluation at the Office of Behavioral Health, Colorado Department of Human Services, and as an Assistant Professor at the Colorado School of Public Health, University of Colorado Anschutz. Further, she led multiple evaluation and practice-improvement initiatives at the Colorado Physician Health Program and the Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health.

She currently serves as an adjunct faculty member at the Colorado School of Public Health. Dr. Brooks is accomplished in shaping program strategy, designing, executing, and disseminating evaluation efforts, and is passionate about developing teams and relationships. As an early adopter of telehealth in the 2000s, Dr. Brooks is a vocal advocate of using technology to improve health services. Throughout her years of experience, Dr. Brooks has focused her work efforts on issues that matter, namely, ensuring that remote, neglected, or underserved populations can access high-quality health care.


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