Real World Impact: How Our Graduate Program Has Helped Alumni Achieve Success in Healthcare


There is nothing more rewarding than achieving great success after years of hard work. At AVU (American Vision University), we are committed to preparing our students for rewarding careers based on the type of industry or profession that they prefer.

We provide our graduate program that helps offer excellent opportunities to any level of private companies, marketing, government agencies, consulting, and so much more. In this article, we will concentrate on how our program has helped our alumni succeed in the healthcare sector.

 Impacts of our Graduate Program on Alumni

Our online Master of Science in Healthcare Administration program allows every student to learn effectively while balancing other responsibilities like family, work, and much more. The graduate program can allow you to handle any business responsibly and even achieve other essential skills that will enable you to succeed in your career.

As a business owner or manager, you must approach every problem systematically. By enrolling in AVU's graduate program, you can take your time and develop a reasonable or workable solution.

One of our alums also stated that our online program works to his advantage since he does not have to commute to class and that his communication skills significantly improved, all thanks to interacting with other students. Moreover, he said that the program also allowed him to understand how a specific business operates. Then he included the skill in the real world, thus allowing him to comprehend the desires of his clients.

With that said, here are some benefits of having a graduate program online:

  • Flexible

As stated above, our graduate program will allow you to perform other essential activities without traveling to your class. All you need to do is to follow your timetable.

  • Affordable Learning

The best part about our program is that we offer affordable services, which allow students to gain the necessary skills for their preferred career without worrying about creating vast amounts of student debt.

  • Quick Career Development

Typically, we all need specific skills that will allow our careers to advance. Luckily, our graduate program has helped numerous alums to develop their careers within a few periods.

Being at the Top of Leadership in Healthcare Facilities

At AVU, students receive appropriate tools that allow them to gain the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in the healthcare facility. In addition, we have experienced and qualified educators who help students learn more about healthcare using theoretical or practical ways.

The best part about AVU is that the graduate program has allowed many alums to succeed. This program is ideal for anyone, so beginners and seasoned professionals can attend the programs. Apart from enabling students to understand in depth any preferred field, our graduate programs can also provide our students with appropriate skills for leadership and management of healthcare industries.

All this is evident from the success stories our healthcare alums occasionally provide. Take the example of Mustafa Mohammed Abukhurma, one of our alumni, who was a graduate student at AVU and is currently very successful in his healthcare career.

Mustafa Mohammed Abukhurma, an AVU alumnus, is a seasoned healthcare management professional with extensive experience managing critical care units and duty managers. Being ambitious, he is determined to pursue higher academic qualifications in his chosen career field. 

Reflecting on his time at AVU, Mustafa speaks highly of his experience, describing it as an incredible journey. The courses he took at AVU exposed him to a wide range of abilities, including management, leadership styles, psychology, business communication, and human resource management. These skills have been instrumental in helping him achieve his goal of supporting and promoting patient safety while providing exceptional patient-centered care.

Throughout his studies at AVU, Mustafa learned how to improve his management skills and knowledge in theory, clinical, and professional practice. Mustafa has also developed a keen sense of leadership, with the ability to communicate effectively with patients, families, and other healthcare providers.

One thing from the AVU that impressed Mustafa is that it is a massive university with a vast library (both online and offline) that teaches its students advanced and valid material content. He is also thankful for the perfectly qualified professors and advisors who gave him valuable practical experience in this field.

Mustafa has always been passionate about healthcare management, and his studies at AVU have allowed him to pursue his goals. And after years of hard work, he finally got his higher education degree, which is a significant accomplishment that he is incredibly proud of.

In addition to his academic achievements, Mustafa has also gained significant practical experience in healthcare management. As Mustafa looks towards the future, he's prepared to take on new challenges and put his learned knowledge and skills to work. He's also confident that AVU has given him what he needs to make a mark in the professional world. 

Skills That You Will Gain When Enrolling in AVU's Master of Science in Healthcare Administration Program: 

Studying for an MS in Healthcare Administration will enable you to focus on policy capacity, building management, and administration. The aim is to prepare students for any position needing policy skills and knowledge, excellent analytical and evaluation abilities, and improved strategic and management skills.

After studying at AVU for your MSHA, you will manage to:

  • Use technologies for information systems that allow decision-making to operate effectively and rapidly.
  • Showcase your communication, management, and leadership skills required for handling a healthcare facility.
  • Figure out regulatory, ethical, and legal issues that face the healthcare organization.
  • Achieve various skills that allow you to successfully administer healthcare institutions, including marketing, planning, management, accounting, quantitative, and technology skills.
  • Apply different professional views and numerous purposeful perspectives to generate innovative solutions to complex problems.

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American Vision University (AVU) offers a range of graduate degree programs in Business and Healthcare, including Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (MSHA). Additionally, the university provides short-term certification courses in Business, Information Technology (IT), and Healthcare for professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and skills in these fields
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